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03-04-2011 Greens put “Honourable” title in history’s dustbin

12-04-2011 Criticism of Gerard Henderson cut from letter to Australian

02-05-2011 Was the Greens NSW election results a set back caused by support for ‘Boycott for Palestine’ movement?

16-05-2011 Greens NSW and the campaign for Palestinian rights

23-06-2011 Change

01-07-2011 About Lee Rhiannon

07-07-2011 First Greens MPs share advice and memories

06-08-2011 Vale Simone Morrissey

16-08-2011 Get to know Lee

24-08-2011 Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon’s inaugural speech praises community activism

24-08-2011 Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon’s first speech

28-08-2011 Lee Rhiannon on Sky News’ Sunday Agenda

17-10-2011 Occupy Together

16-11-2011 Lee’s office has moved!

22-11-2011 Speech: Occupy movement

21-12-2011 Lee’s end of year message

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01-01-2012 About Lee Rhiannon

06-02-2012 Did I meet Hillary Bray on a Russian cruise ship?

08-02-2012 Speech: Sydney Street Choir

12-02-2012 Lee Rhiannon speaks to Radio National

22-02-2012 Lee Rhiannon on Sky News discussing Labor leadership

05-03-2012 Photos: Lee joins older Greens activists

27-03-2012 Lee Rhiannon on Sky News’ “Showdown”

13-04-2012 Lee Rhiannon talks about leadership change on ABC News 24

13-04-2012 Lee Rhiannon talks about leadership change on Sky News

16-04-2012 Lee Rhiannon on Sky News Late Agenda, 16 April 2012

16-04-2012 Photos: Adam Bandt and Lee Rhiannon in Marrickville

27-06-2012 NSW thanks Bob Brown

30-06-2012 Blog – Afghanistan, Palestine and Tibet — human rights priorities

11-07-2012 Senator Lee Rhiannon on SKY TV talking Greens/Labor relationship

10-10-2012 Speech: Joe Owens and Arthur Murray

11-10-2012 Motion: Heritage protection for Parramatta Female Factory Precinct

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20-02-2013 Sen Lee Rhiannon on ABC Radio Illawarra: Labor/Greens agreement and sustainable jobs

21-02-2013 Lee Rhiannon on Hack

03-04-2013 No need for small bar blues

08-04-2013 Lee Rhiannon discusses bar noise with James Valentine

07-05-2013 Transcript: Christine Milne and Lee Rhiannon: Greens aid bill

14-05-2013 Speech: Ian Macdonald and NSW Labor

29-05-2013 Old Parties Donation Stich-up Betrays Labor-Greens Agreement

30-05-2013 Lee’s Media: May 2013

13-07-2013 2013 Federal Election Platform

20-07-2013 Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon at Save Thompson Square rally

30-07-2013 Coalition follows Macdonald tactics on how to deliver for mining companies

31-07-2013 Lee’s Media: July 2013

20-08-2013 Analysis of the count for the last spot in 2010 NSW Senate election

31-08-2013 Lee’s media: August 2013

18-09-2013 Lee Rhiannon on ABC News 24’s Capital Hill

30-09-2013 Lee’s media: September 2013

10-10-2013 Military Pomp Hides Military Profits

30-10-2013 Lee’s Media: October 2013

06-11-2013 Australian edits Lee’s letter on anti-Semitism and justice for Palestine

14-11-2013 Coalition holds onto 75-year old grudge over “pig iron bob” campaign, fail to congratulate Illawarra wharfies

14-11-2013 Motion on the 75th anniversary of the WWF strike to stop the shipment of pig iron.

20-11-2013 Winter 2013 newsletter

30-11-2013 Lee’s Media: November 2013

04-12-2013 Adjournment Speech: Ceasing Australian military co-operation with Israel

10-12-2013 Secret bill to hit families hard

13-12-2013 Adjournment speech: The myth of mining and employment

18-12-2013 Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy — celebrating battles and wins

18-12-2013 Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy — celebrating battles and wins

18-12-2013 Sandon Point Aboriginal Tent Embassy — celebrating battles and wins

20-12-2013 2013 End of year message from Lee

24-12-2013 Cruelty to refugees puts brakes on Christmas cheer

30-12-2013 Lee’s media: December 2013

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15-01-2014 As heatwave moves around the country

15-01-2014 As heatwave moves around the country, PM Abbott buries his head in the sand

16-01-2014 ‘They Forget We Are Human’

30-01-2014 Lee’s media: January 2014

06-02-2014 How Unions Won Us The Olympics

12-02-2014 Adjournment Speech: Kangaroos: an iconic species at risk

13-02-2014 Motion: Independent war crimes investigation in Sri Lanka

28-02-2014 Lee’s media: February 2014

04-03-2014 Adjournment Speech: Lee pays tribute to Margaretta D’Arcy for International Women’s Day

05-03-2014 Motion: Biennale of Sydney

06-03-2014 Second Reading Speech: Landholders’ Right to Refuse (Gas and Coal) Bill 2013

13-03-2014 Coal and Climate Change

25-03-2014 Adjournment Speech: Paddington Bowling Club

27-03-2014 Motion: Barton Highway

27-03-2014 Motion: Development Application Middle Head Sydney Harbour

30-03-2014 Lee’s media: March 2014

17-04-2014 How to contact Lee

30-04-2014 Lee’s media: April 2014

03-05-2014 Support Gaza’s Ark

05-05-2014 Greens call for a freeze on all NSW coal project approvals

13-05-2014 Adjournment Speech: Dorrigo antimony mine

13-05-2014 Adjournment Speech: the Rio Cuervo project in Patagonia

14-05-2014 Abbott’s Horror Budget is an Assault on Regional NSW

14-05-2014 Committees: Education and Employment References Committee report

14-05-2014 Committees: Human Rights Committee

14-05-2014 Motion: Order for the Production of Documents (Livestock Exports)

15-05-2014 Speech: National Integrity Commission Bill 2013

15-05-2014 Speech: Take Note Of Answers (Funding Public education)

22-05-2014 Coal industry decline in Hunter inevitable

26-05-2014 Help us fight Tony Abbott’s brutal budget

27-05-2014 Campus Greens poster

31-05-2014 Lee’s media: May 2014

16-06-2014 Adjournment speech: Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

16-06-2014 Motion: Higher Education Funding

18-06-2014 Motion: National TAFE Day

18-06-2014 Speech: Budget

24-06-2014 Adjournment speech: Save Malaysia, stop Lynas

30-06-2014 Lee’s media: June 2014

08-07-2014 Adjournment speech: International development assistance

08-07-2014 Adjournment speech: Juanita Nielsen

09-07-2014 Australia must end the silence on Palestine

15-07-2014 Motion: Millers Point and affordable public housing

15-07-2014 Speech: Repeal of carbon laws

29-07-2014 Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters: Conduct of the 2013 federal election and related matters

30-07-2014 Lee’s media: July 2014

27-08-2014 Speech: Greens support road transport infrastructure and safety

28-08-2014 Motion: Women-only outreach services

31-08-2014 Lee’s media: August 2014

02-09-2014 Speech: Private colleges and political donations

03-09-2014 Motion: Celebrating the work of park rangers

03-09-2014 Speech: Community broadcasting

12-09-2014 The Good Oil on the Greens

12-09-2014 Inspirational Activism of the Green Bans

18-09-2014 China’s move away from dirty coal: pressure on for Hunter transition plan

22-09-2014 Speech: Hands off the Water Act

25-09-2014 Greens support manufacturing workers

25-09-2014 Speech: We need a National Independent Commission Against Corruption

30-09-2014 Lee’s media: September 2014

02-10-2014 Speech: Gloucester at the crossroads

22-10-2014 Vale Gough Whitlam

31-10-2014 Lee’s media: October 2014

17-11-2014 Motion: University divestment

18-11-2014 Hands off our ABC & SBS

19-11-2014 Adjournment: Conscription

24-11-2014 Newcastle community hurt by ABC Cuts

30-11-2014 Lee’s media: November 2014

02-12-2014 Motion: Sydney Harbour terminal development

04-12-2014 Speech: Asylum Bill inflicts cruelty, could result in death, and breaks the law

23-12-2014 Baird govt’s Newcastle rail betrayal delivers for Liberal’s developer mates

23-12-2014 Baird govt’s Newcastle rail betrayal delivers for Liberal’s developer mates

31-12-2014 Lee’s media: December 2014

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05-01-2015 Lee blogs about her summer

16-01-2015 Are you interested in volunteering in Senator Lee Rhiannon’s office?

31-01-2015 Lee’s media: January 2015

19-02-2015 Labor in bed with Liberals, Nationals and coal industry

28-02-2015 Lee’s media: February 2015

03-03-2015 Speech: Nigel Hadgkiss’ Vendetta Against Unions

04-03-2015 Speech: Export Finance and Insurance Corporation Amendment (Direct Lending and Other Measures) Bill 2014

16-03-2015 Speech: National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Amendment Bill 2015 Second Reading

17-03-2015 Adjournment speech: New South Wales Environment

17-03-2015 Greens secure Senate support for Western NSW solar initiative

17-03-2015 Motion: Solar Energy eXchange Initiative

19-03-2015 Labor votes with the Abbott govt to block call to clean up White Bay cruise ships

31-03-2015 Lee’s media: March 2015

08-04-2015 Australia’s great union activist “Pig Iron Bob” campaign remembered

30-04-2015 Lee’s media: April 2015

05-05-2015 Greens back blockade BP petrol station, support Australian coastal shipping

07-05-2015 Albanese’s world of make believe on Greens policies

13-05-2015 NSW snubbed by Abbott government budget, local communities hit

15-05-2015 Speech: Bahrain human rights abuses

15-05-2015 Speech: Moses Havini tribute

15-05-2015 Speech: Ray Jackson tribute

31-05-2015 Lee’s media: May 2015

17-06-2015 Speech: Housing Affordability

17-06-2015 Speech: New South Wales Government

29-06-2015 ALERT: Senator Lee Rhiannon tours Central NSW community campaigns

30-06-2015 Lee’s media: June 2015

25-07-2015 Greens NSW members preselect Senator Lee Rhiannon for upcoming federal election

31-07-2015 Lee’s media: July 2015

20-08-2015 Abbott’s cruel 2015 budget

27-08-2015 Proposed Fairfax job cuts in the Hunter a blow for regional communities

31-08-2015 Lee’s media: August 2015

08-09-2015 Speech: Domestic violence

09-09-2015 Labor Senators refuse to support Newcastle City Council’s push for environmentally responsible investments

09-09-2015 Senate motion on WTO emergency powers to save Port Kembla steel industry

10-09-2015 Senate backs motion to save Port Kembla steel industry

10-09-2015 Senate backs motion to save Port Kembla steel industry

16-09-2015 Regional and rural NSW big losers in Turnbull-Nationals deal

17-09-2015 Senate backs urgent heritage listing for Parramatta Female Factory

30-09-2015 Lee’s media: September 2015

27-10-2015 Williamtown contamination — Greens call for compensation for locals, inquiry into Defence Department actions

31-10-2015 Lee’s media: October 2015

10-11-2015 Joint statement from Senator Di Natale and Senator Rhiannon

10-11-2015 Motion: Stop the Shenhua Watermark Mine

10-11-2015 Speech: Vale John Davis

10-11-2015 Speech: Vale John G Kaye

30-11-2015 Submission Guide for the Western Sydney Airport EIS

07-12-2015 Nuclear waste arrival from France drives concerns about NSW dump site

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18-01-2016 Remembering Bruno and power of rainforest activism

25-01-2016 Betts in conflict over Bondi Pavilion and her mega council plan

27-01-2016 Pain and anguish of January 26

03-02-2016 NSW workplaces less safe under ABCC

03-02-2016 Senate backs Greens motion calling on Auditor-General to investigate WestConnex

04-02-2016 Speech: Report on toxic contamination at RAAF Base Williamtown

12-02-2016 Williamtown area under assault

16-02-2016 New Assistant Defence Minister should back immediate govt action on Williamtown contamination

29-02-2016 Liberals and the ALP refuse to support Greens proposal to keep Sydney CBD open and safe

04-03-2016 Mike Baird sells out Gonski for Turnbull’s election woes

08-03-2016 IWD: a tradition of protest and political activism

16-03-2016 Labor’s shame — former ALP MP lobbyist for Israeli arms company

22-03-2016 Justice for Williamtown residents — key Greens election demand

30-03-2016 100 days after the Williamtown inquiry — no remediation, no compensation

30-03-2016 Turnbull Visit: Greens Step Up Pressure for Rail Alternative

01-04-2016 Malabar Headland — Veolia dumping highlights growing concern that federal handover weakens protection

07-04-2016 Greens call on Illawarra Labor MPs to publicly back govt procurement of Aust steel

07-04-2016 Greens call for public release of Airport contamination details

07-04-2016 The Greens on Education

07-04-2016 Newsletter Summer 2016

14-04-2016 Turnbull must take stand on gun laws as new study shows link between gun numbers and violent crime

16-04-2016 Turnbull govt more interested in protecting their budget than public health – strongest condemnation over response to Williamtown Inquiry

17-04-2016 Bondi Pavilion under threat as Liberal Mayor, Turnbull staffer opens door to developers

19-04-2016 Adjournment speech: Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency

19-04-2016 Coalition scrapping safe rates is bad news for NSW truckies

20-04-2016 Labor’s vote against local steel procurement leaves them isolated

20-04-2016 Mayor Betts fails to guarantee community use for Bondi Pavilion

21-04-2016 Greens push to keep deficit levy — revenue raiser for Hunter schools, hospitals

24-04-2016 Parramatta Greens Welcome Refugees event sends challenge to Coalition and Labor

30-04-2016 Lee’s media:April 2016

01-05-2016 >Greens May Day candidate launch – workers’ rights priority for Blaxland, Senate campaign

03-05-2016 Australian Greens statement on the death of John Kaye MP

04-05-2016 Turnbull rules for rich – $6 b ripped out education, health; $12b tax breaks for business

06-05-2016 Motion: Bondi Pavilion

06-05-2016 Williamtown in crisis, Turnbull government offers peanuts

10-05-2016 Cowper – Greens Senate team joins local candidate on election campaign trail

16-05-2016 Israel’s Occupation of Palestine

17-05-2016 Greens call on Illawarra Labor — put young casuals first, back penalty rate protection

17-05-2016 Ground breaking report sets secure future for south east forests

26-05-2016 Greens comment on Whitlam Liberal candidate pulling out

04-06-2016 RAAF contamination – compensation needed as well as blood tests

09-06-2016 Labor-Liberal preference deal could deliver a Turnbull government

10-06-2016 Williamtown contamination crisis – role for NSW EPA to prosecute and drive clean up

17-06-2016 Carol Vernon remains as Cowper candidate – strong campaign continues

20-06-2016 Greens federal and state MPs join with unions and steel industry campaigners in call for national steel procurement

22-06-2016 After 300 days

22-06-2016 After 300 days, Payne visits Williamtown to pass the buck

22-06-2016 Iftar dinner with Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi

24-06-2016 National ICAC Initiative

27-06-2016 Rhiannon backs Carol Vernon on why vote for Greens before independents

28-06-2016 An independent alone cannot save TAFE or protect farms

29-06-2016 Greens Senator Rhiannon in Tamworth on jobs, live exports, Leyonhjelm and guns

30-06-2016 Lee’s media: June, 2016

03-07-2016 Greens NSW vote increases

19-07-2016 Australian Greens for Palestine, Third Edition

31-07-2016 Lee’s media: July 2016

03-08-2016 Brown, factions and the Greens NSW

31-08-2016 Lee’s media: August 2016

14-09-2016 Bondi Pavilion

30-09-2016 Pine Gap – 50 years of secrecy

04-11-2016 Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee: Department of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade: Foreign Affairs Portfolio (International security, nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation)

04-11-2016 Williamtown residents class action

08-11-2016 Firefighting foam chemical report reveals serious contamination at Defence sites

16-11-2016 Adjournment Speech: Gun Control

16-11-2016 Motion: Parliamentary Representation – Qualifications of Senators

16-11-2016 Motion: Political Donations

16-11-2016 Motions: Live Animal Exports

16-11-2016 Adjournment Speech: Election of Senators

16-11-2016 Speech: National Integrity Commission Bill 2013: Second Reading

18-11-2016 Trump casts shadow over Palestinian National Day celebrations

23-11-2016 Adjournment Speech: Jammu and Kashmir

23-11-2016 Adjournment Speech: National Commission to Fight Corruption

23-11-2016 Committee : Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014

23-11-2016 Committee : Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014

23-11-2016 Motion: Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014

23-11-2016 Motions: Skilled Migration Program

23-11-2016 Speech: Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013, Building and Construction Industry (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2013 : Second Reading

23-11-2016 Speech : Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014 : Second Reading

24-11-2016 Speech: Human rights abuses in Sri Lanka

30-11-2016 Motion: New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption

02-12-2016 Adjournment speech: Roads: WestConnex

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11-05-2017 Statement in Support of Palestinian Hunger Strike

17-05-2017 Riverina Greens: Turnbull budget would rob millions of dollars from Riverina public schools

15-06-2017 Speech: a tribute to Tamil protesters after May 18

16-06-2017 Adjournment speech: Chittagong Hill Tracts

26-06-2017 Materials from the Office of Senator Rhiannon

27-06-2017 Senator Lee Rhiannon reaffirms her commitment to public education

13-07-2017 Statement from Senator Lee Rhiannon

25-07-2017 Commentary on current developments in Palestine-Israel – Rhiannon visits region

14-08-2017 Response to Bob Brown comments

16-08-2017 Senate calls for delay of NSW biodiversity land clearing scheme

18-08-2017 NSW land clearing laws- Mornings with Wendy Harmer

18-08-2017 Time for councils to pay respect and commit to #ChangeTheDate

23-08-2017 Scrap Turnbull government drug testing plan for Canterbury-Bankstown

29-08-2017 Lee Rhiannon leads parliamentary NRL tipping

13-09-2017 VC Spence fails – Greens back striking Sydney Uni staff

18-09-2017 Sabra and Shatila- an Australian response

20-09-2017 Greens back Western Sydney Uni staff industrial action

09-10-2017 Turnbull govt three year cover up – Williamtown residents deserve full, fair compensation for toxic contamination

18-10-2017 Senate calls on government to abandon cuts to higher education enabling programs at UoW

30-10-2017 Greens congratulate campaign to keep our hospitals public

02-11-2017 Rape as a weapon: from Hollywood to warzones

03-11-2017 Interview with Angela Davis – 1985

10-11-2017 HMAS Albatross PFOS contamination – call for mandatory blood testing for all military personnel and base workers

20-11-2017 Williamtown contamination — from bad to worse

23-11-2017 Senator Rhiannon congratulates Streets workers and the AMWU

06-12-2017 Adjournment speech: Capitalism on trial

07-12-2017 Motion: Williamtown Red Zone Expansion

07-12-2017 Senate puts deadline on Turnbull government’s response to Williamtown

07-12-2017 Trump Jerusalem move a distraction for home; but Palestinian resistance will triumph

08-12-2017 Lee Rhiannon calls on the University of Wollongong to restore student democracy

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02-02-2018 Williamtown contamination impact report due February 5 — Turnbull govt must honour Senate motion

06-02-2018 Turnbull government’s ultimate insult to Williamtown

07-02-2018 Lee speaks about Ahed Tamimi and Palestinian Child Prisoners

07-02-2018 Response to Williamtown contamination Feb 5 deadline

08-02-2018 Speech: Banking Executive Accountability

13-02-2018 Lee on the Williamtown Contamination

15-02-2018 Time NSW govt stopped looking after corporate irrigators, prioritise Murray-Darling future

01-03-2018 Wagga Wagga 78er challenges new Deputy Prime Minister to join him at Mardi Gras

27-04-2018 1968-72: Days of Rage, Days of Hope

15-05-2018 70 years of Nakba – Turnbull govt silence on Gaza border massacre is Australia’s shame

24-05-2018 Lee Rhiannon to retire as a Greens Senator in August — political life to continue

24-05-2018 Lee Rhiannon’s work as a NSW MP and Senator

15-06-2018 Richmond RAAF Base toxic contamination – Defence must not repeat Williamtown mistakes

18-06-2018 Contamination scandal demands urgent federal and state cooperation

27-06-2018 Adjournment speech: The Greens New South Wales

27-06-2018 The Greens NSW

27-06-2018 Speech: Middle East

28-06-2018 Motion: Discrimination based on Work and Descent

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