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01-02-2012 Equal pay win, pressure now on states to step up

06-02-2012 Bankstown rally against income management: Campaign steps up a notch

16-02-2012 Estimates: AusAID

16-02-2012 Estimates: Women and Girls, and Migrant Workers

23-02-2012 Greens Women in Action – Join us

28-02-2012 Speech: Women’s Reproductive Health in South-East Asia

29-02-2012 Speech: International Womens Day

08-03-2012 International Womens Day 2012

15-03-2012 End Bankstown trial of income management and consult with locals: Greens

10-04-2012 Women and super: Greens call for reform to address inequity

01-05-2012 Ban the basics card in Bankstown

10-05-2012 Fix budget failure for ‘Bsafe’ domestic violence program

10-05-2012 Motion: Domestic Violence and Bsafe

10-05-2012 Motion: Senate supports private midwives

10-05-2012 Senate supports private midwives

23-05-2012 Estimates: Bsafe

02-06-2012 Lee discusses on ABC’s AM program opening of a pro-life counselling service near a Sydney abortion clinic

06-06-2012 Senate Estimates: National Gender Equality Indicators

07-06-2012 Senate Estimates: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

25-06-2012 Women’s Suffrage in Australia

27-06-2012 Domestic violence is a workplace issue, time for govt to act

04-07-2012 Vigil against Income Management starts in Bankstown

10-07-2012 News from the Senate on the Greens women’s portfolio

10-07-2012 Reducing pregnancy deaths will need money to back up Carr’s words

28-08-2012 Sarah Maddison – 2012 Juanita Nielsen Lecture

30-08-2012 Media Conference: Sen Lee Rhiannon on Marie Stopes achieving a breakthrough in availability of &abortion drug’ RU486 in Australia

30-08-2012 RU486 decision a step forward for affordable, accessible abortion

11-09-2012 Women lose out in Coalition move against work equity legislation

13-09-2012 Speech: Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Bill

16-10-2012 Senate Estimates: Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee

14-11-2012 Senator Lee Rhiannon tackles abortion stigma: Sydney flashmob

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06-02-2013 Response to Senate motion: Women, Employment and Domestic Violence

06-02-2013 Speech: Women in Prison Advocacy Network

07-02-2013 Motion: Violence Against Women

14-02-2013 V-Day raises hope of ending violence against women: Greens and Labor joint motion

26-02-2013 Estimates: Women’s Branch, Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

26-02-2013 Speech: International Women’s Day 2013 – priorities for the Gillard government

27-02-2013 Labor and the Opposition should pledge to resist Madigan’s pro-life move

08-03-2013 International Women’s Day – Greens announce top 12 priorities for action

08-03-2013 Women’s spokesperson Lee Rhiannon reflects on International Women’s Day

13-03-2013 Adjournment speech – Immigrant Women’s Speakout Association

19-03-2013 Speech: United Nations, Violence Against Women

02-04-2013 Federal funding needed to help with abortion costs

26-04-2013 Abbott must speak definitively on where he stands on women’s reproductive rights

26-04-2013 Background paper – Abortion Pill PBS listing

26-04-2013 Health Minister should move fast on abortion pill PBS listing

02-05-2013 Are Abbott’s careful words a smokescreen on RU486?

05-06-2013 Senate Estimates: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

06-06-2013 The Greens Stand Firm On Women’s Rights

07-06-2013 Debbie Gibson – The Life of Juanita Nielsen, 2012

17-06-2013 Lee Rhiannon speaking on gender-selective abortions

17-06-2013 Madigan pushes misleading gender-selection abortion motion

21-06-2013 Comment – Women’s rights: stand out reason to reform superannuation

27-06-2013 Second reading speech: Health Insurance Amendment (Medicare Funding for Certain Types of Abortion) Bill 2013

29-06-2013 Greens stand up for women, while old parties duck for cover on Madigan’s abortion bill

10-07-2013 12 Priorities for Women

24-07-2013 Bsafe Program

12-08-2013 Greens mark Bluestocking Week with call to close gender pay gap

19-08-2013 Anne Gardiner – 2013 Juanita Nielsen Lecture

19-08-2013 Fee Mozeley – The Life of Juanita Nielsen, 2013

23-08-2013 Honi Soit congratulated – highlights need for law reform

28-08-2013 ABC 24’s Capital Hill – August 2013

06-09-2013 Removing Workplace Barriers for Women

11-11-2013 The Greens 12 Priorities for Womens Equality

13-11-2013 Motion on the Day of the Girl Child

20-11-2013 Leaflet: Twelve priorities for Women

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20-06-2018 Motion: Bangladesh

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