16-03-2012 Skills shortage solved by investing in public VET, free education
16-08-2012 Manufacturing taskforce: jobs for Illawarra and Hunter if Govt acts
21-08-2012 Adjournment: New South Wales Coal Mining
08-04-2013 Lee Rhiannon on Viewpoint SKY TV
05-06-2014 Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Australian Research Council)
29-10-2014 Motion: SunSwift
04-03-2015 Speech: Export Finance and Insurance Corporation Amendment (Direct Lending and Other Measures) Bill 2014
05-03-2015 Science, research and jobs threatened by Pyne's Parliamentary blackmail
16-03-2015 Higher Education Press Conference – Parliament House
16-03-2015 Research and Higher Education Press Conference – Parliament House
16-03-2015 Time for Tony Abbott to pull Pyne into line and secure Australian research
17-03-2015 Motion: Solar Energy eXchange Initiative
26-03-2015 Motions: Research and development
09-09-2015 Motion: Newcastle City Council investment policies
14-09-2015 MOTION: Steel Industry
16-09-2015 MOTION: Parramatta Female Factory Precinct
17-09-2015 Speech: Fair Work Amendment
08-10-2015 Greens take Steel Industry Procurement Plan to NSW and federal parliaments
27-11-2015 Greens secure inquiry into Australia's steel industry
07-01-2016 Australian steel
22-02-2016 Motion: Withdraw support of Narrabri CSG project
23-02-2016 Motion: urge NSW Government to reevaluate lockout laws
08-04-2016 Greens welcome support for local steel procurement
15-04-2016 Greens call on Labor to back local steel procurement
28-04-2016 Clean Energy
10-06-2016 Joyce relocating jobs to save his own
16-06-2016 Greens in Hunter announce jobs plan
16-06-2016 Jobs rich plan for the Hunter
17-08-2016 Greens MPs visiting Illawarra to talk steel
18-08-2016 Greens in Illawarra to talk steel
13-06-2018 Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee: Jobs and Innovation Portfolio: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)