05-08-2011 Greens and French Anti-Nuke Campaigners highlight Hiroshima Day Saturday

08-02-2012 Lee asks questions on radioactive waste

03-07-2012 Broader role for local government

14-07-2014 Speech: Nuclear Disarmament

25-11-2015 Hill End community calls on Cobb to attend nuclear dump meeting

15-01-2016 No nuclear dump at Hill End

29-01-2016 Senator plans to take Hill End nuclear dump site mismanagement to Senate Estimates

11-02-2016 Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee (national radioactive waste facility)

01-03-2016 Hill End nuclear dump fight goes to Canberra

16-03-2016 Senate tables over 6,000 signatures against Hill End nuclear waste dump

04-11-2016 Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee: Department of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade: Foreign Affairs Portfolio (International security, nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation)

23-03-2018 Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee: Jobs and Innovation Portfolio: ANSTO and Office of Innovation & Science Australia