30-08-2010 Greens to step up opposition to offshore gas drilling

18-02-2011 Radio National Interview – Bob Brown 18-2-2011

08-07-2011 Malaysian rare earth protesters take on Aussie mining company

18-07-2011 Santos buyout of Pilliga Coal Seam Gas project an opportunity

20-07-2011 Newcastle launch for Greens NSW Clean Energy Future Tour

05-08-2011 Greens praise Newcastle anti-coal direct action

09-08-2011 Climate, coal and famine

22-09-2011 Senate report: hope for vulnerable NSW koalas

22-09-2011 Speech: Coal Seam Gas Bill

29-09-2011 BHP Billiton self-interest claim on jobs bad news for NSW

05-10-2011 Jobs summit no substitute for manufacturing inquiry

12-10-2011 Controversial coal seam gas company to get frosty reception at UNSW

18-10-2011 Estimates: Australian Rail Track Corporation

18-10-2011 Estimates: Infrastructure Australia

19-10-2011 Rail plans for Shenhua Coal kept under wraps

30-10-2011 Walk in the Royal — home to first environmental protest

02-11-2011 Farmers correct on Liverpool Plain coal seam gas, Ferguson belittles their concerns

03-11-2011 Speech: Coal Seam Gas mining

25-11-2011 NSW needs more from Murray-Basin Darling Plan

07-12-2011 ‘Doing a Caroona’: the Gloucester Coal Seam Gas blockade

24-01-2012 Hunter coal tour uncovers David v Goliath battle

08-02-2012 Muckaty nuclear waste dump: transport safety risks for NSW

08-02-2012 Speech: Hunter Valley mining

01-03-2012 Speech: Container Deposit Legislation

06-03-2012 Greens vow to support solar hot water

06-03-2012 Lee Rhiannon joins coal tour of the Mid Hunter

14-03-2012 Speech: Coal Mining in NSW

14-03-2012 Springvale long wall coal mine extension an environmental blunder

15-03-2012 Rhiannon puts Mudgee mega mines in federal parliament spotlight

15-03-2012 Will Carr’s foreign minister gig save crumbling edifice?

16-03-2012 Speech: Mining Tax and NSW

23-03-2012 Lee Rhiannon talks about mining communities with ABC Newcastle

23-03-2012 Lee Rhiannon talks about mining communities with ABC Newcastle

27-03-2012 Gardens of Stone v coalmine rubble

17-04-2012 Lee and Jeremy Buckingham join Greens Leader Christine Milne in Orange on first stop of listening tour

30-05-2012 Estimates: Australian Rail Track Corporation

05-06-2012 Profits

07-06-2012 Senate Estimates: ACCC – Port Waratah Coal Services

07-06-2012 Senate Estimates: Yancoal and Gloucester Coal merger deal

12-06-2012 Blog: Hunter coal — dirty

13-06-2012 Lee questions whether 4th Newcastle coal terminal must go ahead

06-08-2012 Albanese refusal to accept responsibility for coal dust wrong: Greens

09-08-2012 PM coal dust concerns lends weight to mining – health inquiry call

20-08-2012 NSW koalas need stronger protection from Fed Govt: Greens

21-08-2012 Adjournment: New South Wales Coal Mining

30-08-2012 Senator Rhiannon responding to Gina Rinehart: Ch 7 Sunrise

28-09-2012 Greens call for covered coal train wagons in Illawarra, enhanced air quality standards

02-10-2012 National Parks – Too Precious to Lose

17-10-2012 Senate Estimates: FADT Committee

06-11-2012 Motion for Hunter inquiry into health impacts of coal expansion

08-11-2012 Senator in Hunter, Newcastle for big push on Inquiry on health impact of coal dust

08-11-2012 Sick of coal?

12-11-2012 Greens push on in Hunter’s Sick of Coal campaign

20-11-2012 Speech: Koalas, Too Precious To Lose

21-11-2012 Labor and Coalition join to block Hunter coal health inquiry

22-11-2012 Motion: Inquiry into Hunter coal health effects

27-11-2012 Motion: Lynas

06-12-2012 Speech: T4 Newcastle coal loader environmental impacts

14-12-2012 Coal loader = more bird habitat destroyed

14-12-2012 Coal loader = more bird habitat destroyed, govt breaking international treaties

13-02-2013 Newcastle Port Strategy an opportunity to rethink coal dependence

15-02-2013 Budget estimates – Lee questions Dept of Foreign Affairs about funding from the Direct Aid Program for mining companies

08-03-2013 Coal dust results demand Hunter inquiry hearings and T4 rejection

11-03-2013 Inspiring activism at Leard Forest Listen Up! gathering

14-03-2013 Major parties ignore Hunter coal health impacts: vote down T4 motion

21-03-2013 Motion: Coal train particulate matter

09-04-2013 Senator Rhiannon on ABC Newcastle on Air Quality inquiry

12-04-2013 Shelving T4 coal port is a win for public health, climate change

31-05-2013 Labor should not use dodgy ARTC coal dust study to belittle health concerns

29-06-2013 Lee’s Media: June 2013

05-07-2013 Labor fails Maules Creek koalas, approves another coal mine

15-07-2013 Hunter community to fix Government failure on coal dust report

28-11-2013 Media conference: Greens MPs join Malaysian environmentalists to protest Australian and radioactive rare-earth refinery

03-12-2013 Media Alert: Greens welcome Woop Woop horse riders campaigning for clean water and no CSG mining

05-12-2013 Motion congratulating the community group First National Park

13-01-2014 Blockade at Maules Creek coal mine crucial

28-01-2014 Greens Senator at massive Leard protest — backs action to stop Whitehaven coalmine

10-02-2014 ARTC caught out on misleading data — time to cover coal wagons

24-03-2014 Second Reading Speech: Minerals Resource Rent Tax Repeal and Other Measures Bill 2013

13-05-2014 Adjournment Speech: Dorrigo antimony mine

13-05-2014 Adjournment Speech: the Rio Cuervo project in Patagonia

17-06-2014 Adjournment Speech: NSW needs to plan away from coal

23-06-2014 Adjournment speech: National Water Commission

24-06-2014 Adjournment speech: Save Malaysia, stop Lynas

24-06-2014 Adjournment speech: A tribute to Neville ‘Chappy’ Williams

19-08-2014 Sydney Uni reputation damaged by coal mine funding

02-09-2014 Speech: Federal oversight needed for environmental protection

18-09-2014 China’s move away from dirty coal: pressure on for Hunter transition plan

22-09-2014 Liberal, National and Labor parties gut protection for Murray-Darling Basin farmers against subsidence mining

22-09-2014 Speech: Hands off the Water Act

29-09-2014 Sydney : Senator Rhiannon joins Whitehaven Coal solidarity action

23-10-2014 Decision on Coalpac tells mining: stop bullying communities

10-02-2015 Motion: Gardens of Stone

10-02-2015 Speech: Maules Creek Coalmine

27-02-2015 Estimates: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee (Export Finance and Insurance Corporation)

17-03-2015 Adjournment speech: New South Wales Environment

19-03-2015 Labor votes with Liberals, Nationals against Senate motion on CSG and political donations

19-03-2015 Motion: Donations to Political Parties

19-03-2015 Speech: Coal Seam Gas

24-03-2015 Op ed: Our future mortgaged to the mining past

04-06-2015 Estimates: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee (Foreign Affairs and Trade Portfolio)

15-06-2015 Speech: Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Bill 2015 Second Reading

09-09-2015 Motion: Newcastle City Council investment policies

10-11-2015 Speech: Harvest Festival on the Liverpool Plains

04-02-2016 Speech: AGL and Coal Seam Gas

08-02-2016 Estimates: Environment & Communications Legislation Committee (Shenhua and Adani coal mine approvals)

10-02-2016 Estimates: Community Affairs Legislation Committee (National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assesment Scheme & CSG)

12-02-2016 Williamtown area under assault

16-03-2016 Adjournment speech: Western Sahara

06-06-2016 Barnaby caught napping on New England

09-06-2016 Protecting our Precious Environment

13-06-2016 The Greens launch report calling for improved protection for the Pilliga and Leard forests

16-06-2016 Protecting the Gardens of Stone National Park

20-06-2016 The Greens launch report calling for improved protection for the Blue Mountains National Park

24-06-2016 Greens launch report calling for improved protection for the Royal National Park and Coastal Upland Hanging Swamps

30-06-2016 Greens launch Mining Jobs in Mine Rehabilitation plan

12-08-2016 BHP Billiton Caroona coal plan defeated, now for jobs growth in clean industries

15-08-2016 PFOS at Campvale raises questions over RAAF base excavation

24-08-2016 $300 million for RAAF base, but residents and workers need protection

09-11-2016 Senate Estimates: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Trade Portfolio (Trade Programs)

15-02-2017 Adjournment speech: Environmental Conservation

03-03-2017 Estimates: Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee: Attorney-General’s Portfolio: Attorney-General’s Department

16-06-2017 Adjournment speech: Timor Sea Treaty

16-11-2017 Nationals and Labor abandon commitment to protecting Liverpool Plains from mining

13-04-2018 Adjournment speech: Environmental conservation

13-04-2018 Adjournment speech: Human rights and the Rohingya people

13-04-2018 Adjournment speech: Western Sahara

13-06-2018 Estimates: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee: Foreign Affairs and Trade Portfolio: Australian Trade and Investment Commission

13-06-2018 Estimates: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee: Foreign Affairs and Trade Portfolio: Export Finance and Insurance Corporation