20-09-2011 Greens celebrate 20 years in local government

23-09-2011 Abbott must say ‘Yes’ to constitutional recognition of local government

23-09-2011 Greens celebrate 20 years on local councils

18-10-2011 Estimates: Local Government

12-12-2011 Save Our Trees rings loud on Sydney foreshore

28-02-2012 Greens MPs thank Ray Goodlass for his selfless, innovative work

19-06-2012 Time for Australian Government to recognise Local Government in Constitution

03-07-2012 Broader role for local government

10-09-2012 Lee Rhiannon talks local govt election results with 2GB’s Steve Price

10-09-2012 Sen Lee Rhiannon on Senate doors: NSW local govt elections

13-09-2012 NSW local council election results

11-10-2012 Motion: Heritage protection for Parramatta Female Factory Precinct

16-11-2012 National Roads Congress: Greens push sustainable transport

22-11-2012 Cycleway funding plan: Lee Rhiannon with Anna Reynolds and Bill Harvey

07-12-2012 Leaflet: Greens in Local Government

14-12-2012 Greens in Local Government leaflet

07-03-2013 Quick action needed to secure referendum on local govt recognition

15-05-2013 Speech: Local Government Referendum legislation

06-06-2013 Newman U-turn on local government referendum suss

19-06-2013 Speech: Constitutional Recognition of Local Government

25-06-2013 Abbott’s Coalition a wolf in sheep’s clothing on local govt referendum

09-07-2013 Greens reflect on need to update Constitution, 113 years on

16-05-2014 Budget cuts to local government of nearly $1 billion over four years

27-08-2014 Speech: Greens support road transport infrastructure and safety

02-12-2014 Motion: Sydney Harbour terminal development

23-06-2015 Speech: Local Government

14-07-2015 Submission: NSW inquiry into local government

15-07-2015 Greens in Local Government

20-08-2015 Abbott and Baird sitting in a tree, A.M.A.L.G.A.M.A.T.I.N.G.

20-08-2015 Motion: ‘Fit for the Future’ Amalgamation Program

09-09-2015 Labor Senators refuse to support Newcastle City Council’s push for environmentally responsible investments

09-09-2015 Motion: Newcastle City Council investment policies

07-01-2016 Our communities, our councils: worth saving

02-02-2016 Speech: Ms Margaret Henry

08-02-2016 Estimates: Environment & Communications Legislation Committee (Parramatta Female Factory)

12-02-2016 Williamtown area under assault

04-05-2016 Adjournment speech: New South Wales Government: Environment

06-05-2016 Motion: Bondi Pavilion

13-05-2016 Federal electorate fallout over Baird’s forced amalgamations

16-05-2016 Greens strongly opposed to forced amalgamations

18-05-2016 Local Government is a National Issue

16-06-2016 Greens plan to strengthen local government

10-08-2016 Hunter a winner under Greens plan for fairer funding boost for regional councils

13-09-2016 Speech: Bondi Pavilion

02-11-2016 Senate Estimates: Environment and Communications Legislation Committee (Wildlife, Heritage and Marine)

13-09-2017 Adjournment Speech: Local Council Elections

13-09-2017 Motion: Bondi Pavilion