24-08-2010 Off-shore processing and detention of children must stop

11-06-2011 Greens call on Serco to release Villawood staffing rosters

26-09-2011 Detention — no place for a one year old

06-10-2011 Human rights for asylum seekers: public forum in Leichhardt

17-10-2011 Estimates: Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

28-10-2011 Another refugee suicide: mandatory sentencing must end

05-01-2012 A Happy New Year?

09-01-2012 Rhiannon speaks @ refugee rally Bowen’s office

16-02-2012 Estimates: Women and Girls, and Migrant Workers

03-05-2012 Chris Bowen visit puts Labor’s self interest before human rights

18-05-2012 Human rights for asylum seekers

01-06-2012 Blog: Visiting Villawood

14-06-2012 Refugee week event this Saturday in Blacktown

15-06-2012 Greens Refugee Week film screening & story sharing by former child refugees

19-06-2012 Speech: Refugee Week and ‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’

27-06-2012 An art exhibition by asylum seekers in detention

29-06-2012 Speech: Migration Legislation Amendment (The Bali Process) Bill 2012

13-07-2012 Refugee rights: Greens working for solutions

26-07-2012 Safer pathways for refugees

15-08-2012 Lee Rhiannon with Doug Cameron on ABC24 Capital Hill

24-08-2012 Bob Carr reveals Australian foreign aid money may be spent on Nauru/PNG

24-08-2012 Question without Notice: Sen Rhiannon to Carr on overseas aid spent on Nauru/PNG refugee detention

30-08-2012 Sen Lee Rhiannon talks about using aid money on Manus Is detention

13-09-2012 Instrument of Designation of the Republic of Nauru as a Regional Processing Country

18-10-2012 Senate Estimates: FADT Committee

18-12-2012 Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon ABC TV News aid cuts

18-12-2012 Greens Sen Lee Rhiannon on ABC 7.30 re aid cuts

08-03-2013 Greens Sen Lee Rhiannon questions Carr in Estimates on diversion of foreign aid for immigration

08-03-2013 Newsline program:Lee Rhiannon questions Carr about diversion of aid funding to immigration

08-04-2013 Lee Rhiannon on Viewpoint SKY TV

18-04-2013 Lee Rhiannon on ABC24 Capital Hill

28-05-2013 Senate Estimates: Department of Immigration and Citizenship (Sri Lanka)

19-11-2013 Senate Estimates: Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee (Border Protection)

11-04-2014 Greens express sadness at asylum seeker self-harm

30-01-2015 Hunger for Justice

05-03-2015 Adjournment Speech: Lee Shares the Words of Lili Shapiro

12-08-2015 Speech: Appalling Conditions for Asylum Seekers at Manus Island

08-10-2015 Greens Senator congratulates activists arrested in refugee rights protest

24-04-2016 Parramatta Greens Welcome Refugees event sends challenge to Coalition and Labor

28-04-2016 Refugee Rights

10-11-2017 Media Release: Senator Rhiannon congratulates Opera House refugee protesters

15-11-2017 MPI: Peter Dutton and the Manus Crisis