21-06-2012 Federal firearm reform needed to reign in NSW gun culture: Greens

21-06-2012 Major parties baulk at national gun reform, fail to condemn shooting in NSW national parks

18-06-2013 Speech: Roseanne Beckett

29-06-2016 Senator Leyonhjelm embraces a dangerous fringe gun culture

25-08-2016 Australian Greens portfolio reshuffle: Senator Rhiannon picks up Housing, Industry and Gun Control

13-09-2016 Another violent video shows need for tougher gun control

14-09-2016 Greens support gun amnesty in principle, but not mandatory minimums

15-09-2016 Labor back Liberal/Nationals to vote down Greens motion on gun control

15-09-2016 Motion: Gun Control

18-10-2016 Leyonhjelm’s horse trading on ABCC reveals his craven opportunism

25-10-2016 Coalition Government hand in hand with the gun lobby to tear down the National Firearms Agreement

16-11-2016 Adjournment Speech: Gun Control

22-11-2016 National pro-Adler vote latest example of Coalition white anting gun control

23-11-2016 Regulations and Determinations : Customs (Prohibited Imports) Amendment (Shotguns and Shotgun Magazines) Regulation 2016 : Disallowance

05-12-2016 6000 stolen guns — time to tighten firearm laws

05-12-2016 Greens urge safety over self interest in Adler debate

13-02-2017 We need proper gun law reform – not empty law and order measures

15-02-2017 Committee: Criminal Code Amendment (Firearms Trafficking) Bill 2016

15-02-2017 Speech : Criminal Code Amendment (Firearms Trafficking) Bill 2016 : Second Reading

03-03-2017 Turnbull government fails to announce new National Firearm Agreement

21-06-2017 Adjournment speech: Gun control

04-10-2017 National Gun Register now urgent

05-10-2017 COAG call on terrorism set to fail if gun control not strengthened

12-10-2017 Gun ownership research reveals critical need for national firearms registry

23-11-2017 All MPs must stare down Nationals call to import American gun culture

24-11-2017 $500,000 gun lobby donations puts public safety at risk

16-02-2018 Let’s learn from Florida tragedy — Australia needs tighter gun control

28-03-2018 Motion: March for Our Lives Congratulations

13-04-2018 Motion: Gun control

13-04-2018 Motion: Take note of answers: Gun control

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23-04-2018 Greens back Public Health Association warning on dangerous gun lobby plan

30-05-2018 Turnbull under fire over sneaky move on semi-automatic firearms

09-07-2018 Greens plan for parliamentary action on family law firearm safety checks