22-03-2005 Jo Vallentine – 2005 Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture

06-05-2008 Sue Bradford – 2008 Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture

16-05-2011 Greens NSW and the campaign for Palestinian rights

01-07-2011 Lee’s first day on the job

10-07-2011 Greens NSW Senator welcomes carbon price announcement as good news for NSW

19-07-2011 Greens & Unions campaign in Newcastle to back climate action package

24-08-2011 Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon’s first speech

25-08-2011 Motion on Eden Biomass Power Plant

25-08-2011 Speech: Amazon rainforest

26-08-2011 Federal government fails to rule out funding Eden wood-fired power station

30-08-2011 Greens MPs in Bega for carbon price public meeting, visit to logging flashpoint Tanja State Forest

23-09-2011 Greens celebrate 20 years on local councils

29-09-2011 BHP Billiton self-interest claim on jobs bad news for NSW

06-10-2011 Jobs forum a start, manufacturing inquiry and industry plans needed

12-10-2011 Controversial coal seam gas company to get frosty reception at UNSW

18-10-2011 Estimates: Local Government

08-11-2011 Climate package set to pass: NSW must position itself to gain

08-11-2011 Speech: Steel Transformation Plan Bill

09-11-2011 Steel Package now law: Greens amendment on Illawarra Green Jobs Plan lost

08-02-2012 Speech: Hunter Valley mining

14-02-2012 A Radical Overhaul of Government Forest Policies

15-02-2012 Estimates: Australian Research Council

06-03-2012 Greens vow to support solar hot water

16-03-2012 Skills shortage solved by investing in public VET, free education

16-03-2012 Speech: Mining Tax and NSW

03-07-2012 AusAID project at risk in Palestinian Territories – Susiya demolitions

03-07-2012 Broader role for local government

16-08-2012 Manufacturing taskforce: jobs for Illawarra and Hunter if Govt acts

21-08-2012 Adjournment: New South Wales Coal Mining

17-10-2012 Senate Estimates: Economics Committee

18-10-2012 Senate Estimates: FADT Committee

15-03-2013 Rhiannon to launch new Greens campaign postcard push at Newcastle ‘stop T4 rally’

19-03-2013 Speech: Regional Aviation Summit 2013

08-04-2013 Lee Rhiannon on Viewpoint SKY TV

31-05-2013 Labor should not use dodgy ARTC coal dust study to belittle health concerns

05-07-2013 Labor fails Maules Creek koalas, approves another coal mine

13-12-2013 Adjournment speech: The myth of mining and employment

05-02-2014 Proposed Badgerys Creek airport plan opens door to more developer deals

06-03-2014 Second Reading Speech: Clean Energy Legislation Repeal Bill 2013

13-05-2014 Adjournment Speech: the Rio Cuervo project in Patagonia

22-05-2014 Coal industry decline in Hunter inevitable

05-06-2014 Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Australian Research Council)

11-06-2014 Greens MPs join protest against reckless winter clearing of Leard forest

22-09-2014 Speech: Hands off the Water Act

25-09-2014 Greens support manufacturing workers

20-10-2014 Agricultural Green Paper misses the biggest threats faced by rural communities

29-10-2014 Motion: SunSwift

10-02-2015 Speech: Maules Creek Coalmine

05-03-2015 Motion: Employment in Regional NSW

05-03-2015 Science, research and jobs threatened by Pyne’s Parliamentary blackmail

16-03-2015 Higher Education Press Conference – Parliament House

16-03-2015 Research and Higher Education Press Conference – Parliament House

16-03-2015 Time for Tony Abbott to pull Pyne into line and secure Australian research

17-03-2015 Motion: Solar Energy eXchange Initiative

26-03-2015 Motions: Research and development

16-08-2015 Greens throw full weight behind steel-making jobs

09-09-2015 Motion: Newcastle City Council investment policies

14-09-2015 MOTION: Steel Industry

16-09-2015 MOTION: Parramatta Female Factory Precinct

17-09-2015 Speech: Fair Work Amendment

08-10-2015 Greens take Steel Industry Procurement Plan to NSW and federal parliaments

10-11-2015 Motion: Stop the Shenhua Watermark Mine

10-11-2015 Speech: Vale John Davis

10-11-2015 Speech: Vale John G Kaye

23-11-2015 NSW needs RenewAustralia

23-11-2015 Shift to renewables under RenewAustralia would benefit Hunter region

27-11-2015 Greens secure inquiry into Australia’s steel industry

01-12-2015 Speech: Greens in Parliament: Overhaul the system

07-01-2016 Australian steel

22-02-2016 Motion: Withdraw support of Narrabri CSG project

04-03-2016 Debate on the Commonwealth Electoral Amendment (Donations Reform) Bill 2014

08-04-2016 Greens welcome support for local steel procurement

15-04-2016 Greens call on Labor to back local steel procurement

28-04-2016 Clean Energy

03-05-2016 Australian Greens statement on the death of John Kaye MP

10-05-2016 Cowper – Greens Senate team joins local candidate on election campaign trail

19-05-2016 Greens electric car plan — jobs boost for Riverina

10-06-2016 Joyce relocating jobs to save his own

13-06-2016 The Greens launch report calling for improved protection for the Pilliga and Leard forests

16-06-2016 Greens in Hunter announce jobs plan

16-06-2016 Jobs rich plan for the Hunter

21-06-2016 Renew Australia: The Greens’ jobs-rich plan for the Central West

30-06-2016 Greens launch Mining Jobs in Mine Rehabilitation plan

17-08-2016 Greens MPs visiting Illawarra to talk steel

18-08-2016 Greens in Illawarra to talk steel

13-09-2016 Labor backs Liberal-National sell out of renewable energy in NSW

09-11-2016 Senate Estimates: Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Trade Portfolio (Trade Programs)

13-09-2017 Bill: Electoral and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2017