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17-02-2011 Greens Safeguard Core ALTC Functions

18-02-2011 Radio National Interview – Bob Brown 18-2-2011

12-09-2011 Question: Vocational Education and Training

12-09-2011 Speech: Higher Education legislation

15-09-2011 Speech: Overseas Students legislation

16-09-2011 Student housing shortage reflected in Sydney University squatter standoff

19-09-2011 Greens add climate change, animal welfare to Senate inquiry into higher education in agricultural sector

12-10-2011 Higher Education Minister admits flaws in VET privatisation

12-10-2011 Question and Speech: Vocational Education and Training Sector

13-10-2011 Speech: Vocational Education and Training Bill

20-10-2011 Estimates: Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

09-11-2011 Motion: Vocational Education and Training

22-11-2011 Govt in spotlight over massive job cuts at Sydney Uni

23-11-2011 AFR report: Give universities more money, says Greens

23-11-2011 Labor denies university staff cut crisis: votes against funding increase

23-11-2011 Lee Rhiannon media conference: donations reform & university funding

23-11-2011 Motion: University job cuts

30-11-2011 Greens to fight higher ed cuts

05-12-2011 Lee Rhiannon speaks at Sydney University against cuts

08-12-2011 Review puts spotlight on securing increased public funding for universities

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02-02-2012 Govt must ensure HECS for vocational training not undermined by fee hikes

07-02-2012 New Vocational Training Bill tries to right wrongs

09-02-2012 Refugee Language Program should not be axed in Sydney Uni cost-cutting frenzy

15-02-2012 Estimates: Australian Research Council

15-02-2012 Estimates: Australian Skills Quality Agency

15-02-2012 Estimates: Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

15-02-2012 Estimates: Vocational Education

20-02-2012 Lee visits O-Week at UNSW

21-02-2012 Cloud over Syd Uni O-Week: 100 jobs on chopping block

22-02-2012 Greens seek funding for Wollongong Uni student union and uni

28-02-2012 Australia sits at rock bottom for uni funding: Greens call for immediate 10 per cent increase

28-02-2012 Motion: Higher Education Funding

29-02-2012 Legislation: Education Services for Overseas Students

05-03-2012 Estimate adventures with a cameo Yes Minister appearance

05-03-2012 The Greens at O-Week 2012

15-03-2012 Motion: University SSAF Funding

16-03-2012 Skills shortage solved by investing in public VET, free education

19-03-2012 Govt must prioritise public providers for skills funding package

04-04-2012 MyUniversity reveals ballooning casualisation rate, but won’t fix it: Greens

09-05-2012 Budget setback for higher education revolution

15-05-2012 Productivity Commission VET report: Greens caution against privatisation push

30-05-2012 NSW Auditor General spotlights uni funding crunch

07-06-2012 Senate Estimates: Australian Research Council – Higher Education standards

07-06-2012 Senate Estimates: Australian Skills Quality Authority

07-06-2012 Senate Estimates: Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education

07-06-2012 Senate Estimates: Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

02-07-2012 Evans can’t wash his hands of Victorian vocational education failures

05-07-2012 Public agitation key to winning increased higher education funding

26-07-2012 Hilmer fee plan should target govt not students: Greens

07-08-2012 Hilmer plan to target student fees short-sighted: Greens

24-08-2012 Adjournment: Students cost of living pressures – Youth Allowance

26-08-2012 Greens: Coalition must come clean on HECS fee increase plan

27-08-2012 Greens’ Newcastle Uni visit: HECS fee increase plan will impact regional students

28-08-2012 Violence against overseas students — Report suggests racial motivation, offers solutions

29-08-2012 Stop an Abbott government from increasing student fees

19-09-2012 Vic TAFE rally: Greens back protest in Melbourne and from Senate

20-09-2012 Federal govt shies away from intervening in Vic TAFE mess

20-09-2012 Save TAFE Rally in Melbourne – 20 September 2012

04-10-2012 Greens MP at Bega TAFE, calls on Kelly to take funding concerns to Canberra

09-10-2012 Labor sides with Coalition: votes down Greens motion supporting public TAFE system

09-10-2012 Motion: TAFE rally in Victoria

17-10-2012 Senate Estimates: Economics Committee

17-10-2012 Senate Estimates: Economics Committee

17-10-2012 Senate Estimates: Economics Committee

17-10-2012 Senate Estimates: Economics Committee

19-10-2012 Greens back call to abolish HECS for student teachers

23-10-2012 Innovative nation off Labor agenda as govt cuts higher education spending

24-10-2012 Ernst & Young ‘Future of Unis’ Report greases a future for the private sector

24-10-2012 Media Conference: Sen Rhiannon and Tom Raue Syd Uni SRC re Ernst & Young “University of the future” report

20-11-2012 Greens urge University of Western Sydney to hold fire on course cuts

20-11-2012 Motion: Calling on University of Western Sydney to hold fire on course and job cuts and for 10% increase in universities funding

21-11-2012 Scholarship cuts short-change low income and regional uni students

21-11-2012 Speech: Higher Education Bill

29-11-2012 Make TAFE Priority #1

18-12-2012 Coalition ground work for student service cuts

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06-02-2013 $50m ANU donation highlights dire state of student income support

26-02-2013 Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee

26-02-2013 Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee

27-02-2013 Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee

28-02-2013 Abbott university plan code for deregulation and funding cuts

28-02-2013 Media Conference: Greens Higher Education spokesperson Sen Lee Rhiannon on Abbott’s higher education plan

07-03-2013 Australian Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon speaks at Sydney Uni staff strike

21-03-2013 Speech: Higher Education legislation

26-03-2013 Greens Senator Rhiannon speaks in support of Sydney Uni two day staff strike

27-03-2013 Student day of action: Emerson under pressure to make his mark on uni funding

14-04-2013 Labor following Coalition policy with cuts to higher education

19-04-2013 Greens congratulate UOW community campaign for funding boost

22-04-2013 Uni funding cuts: Coalition keeps the bad despite rejecting the good

23-04-2013 Rhiannon to speak at no uni cuts student rally

03-05-2013 University budget cuts don’t add up

15-05-2013 Lee Rhiannon on 2SM talking 2013 budget implications for NSW

15-05-2013 Regional NSW hurt by budget cuts to Infrastructure Fund

24-05-2013 Greens step up national campaign to boost higher education funding

24-05-2013 Letter to editor AFR – plan to privatise University of NSW

29-05-2013 Govt tries dampen university opposition to cuts with deregulation promise

30-05-2013 Australian Greens launch national campaign to reverse Labor’s uni cuts

31-05-2013 Stop uni cuts

04-06-2013 Cutting uni funding will be a pox on the old parties’ houses

14-06-2013 In support of striking staff at the University of Sydney

18-06-2013 Labor whitewashes impact of uni cuts on staff pay and conditions

18-06-2013 Lee Rhiannon questions minister about uni cuts and impact on staff

18-06-2013 Speech: Higher Education funding cuts

24-06-2013 Curtin Uni must reverse mass redundancies

01-07-2013 Higher ed portfolio – fourth Minister in six months through revolving door

09-07-2013 Greens launch bid to boost university funding

15-07-2013 Record student debt and poverty highlights Government failure

19-07-2013 No benefits for students in UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s posturing on entrance scores

30-07-2013 UNSW cuts to academic staff another cowboy tactic

01-08-2013 Dumb cuts hold no place in a bright competitive future

09-08-2013 Greens call for funding overhaul to restore vibrant and sustainable TAFE

09-08-2013 Make TAFE a Priority

14-08-2013 Labor’s failed university plan – pork barrelling in marginal seats

19-08-2013 Survival of TAFE dependent on Greens rescue package

20-08-2013 Greens Senator Rhiannon speaks at National Day of Action

01-09-2013 Rudd TAFE plan set to fail without limits on private providers

19-09-2013 Uni Cuts Hurt campaign photos

25-09-2013 Call to reject Coalition elitist plan for universities

25-09-2013 Greens accuse Pyne of classic misdirection

16-10-2013 Greens Oppose Abbott’s plan to privatise HECS debt

24-10-2013 Pyne’s &deregulate’ call first step to lower university standards?

30-10-2013 COAG report on education and skills highlights gap

12-11-2013 Review of capped system ignores elephant in the room — Lack of funding

21-11-2013 Greens: Labor should block Coalition’s $2.3 billion cuts to higher education

26-11-2013 Greens release modelling and launch campaign to stop Abbott slashing university funding

03-12-2013 Media Alert: Labor backs Greens to block Coalition’s $2.3 billion higher education cuts

10-12-2013 Labor votes with Coalition to block Greens Senate motion calling for increase to university funding

11-12-2013 Greens win Senate inquiry into TAFE accessibility and affordability

18-12-2013 Second Reading Speech: Social Services and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2013

20-12-2013 2013 End of year message from Lee

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29-01-2014 Productivity Commission reports highlights stealth privatisation of TAFE

17-02-2014 Rebuild TAFE

26-02-2014 Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Australian Research Council)

26-02-2014 Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency)

27-02-2014 Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee (Department of Industry)

28-02-2014 Greens condemn massive job cuts at La Trobe University

17-03-2014 Speech: Amendment to Commonwealth Grant Scheme Guidelines 2012 Disallowance

07-04-2014 Op ed: Illawarra key to vocational education and training

08-04-2014 Cancelled – Wollongong Senate TAFE Inquiry -Coalition Senators no show

08-04-2014 Community pressure puts Wollongong Senate TAFE Inquiry back on the agenda

14-04-2014 Greens reject Kemp-Norton review’s plan to unleash free market ideology into university system

28-04-2014 Greens condemn Abbott’s elitist plan for universities

01-05-2014 Greens will fight Coalition’s Americanisation of higher education

14-05-2014 $5.8 billion of cuts to higher education will devastate universities and hit disadvantaged students hardest

14-05-2014 Committees: Education and Employment References Committee report

14-05-2014 Higher education cuts of $5.8 billion will devastate universities and hit disadvantaged students the hardest.

14-05-2014 Op ed: Abbott’s assault on public higher education

15-05-2014 Questions without notice: Budget

15-05-2014 Speech: Take Note Of Answers (Funding Public education)

21-05-2014 Donations conflict of interest involving PM

21-05-2014 Greens launch campaign to fight Coalition’s attack on students

21-05-2014 Greens stand with university students and staff at National Day of Action

27-05-2014 Campus Greens poster

27-05-2014 Stop Abbott’s Uni Cuts

28-05-2014 Fighting for free education: What happened, Joe?

30-05-2014 Liberal fundraiser linked to private company set to profit from government higher education changes

01-06-2014 Pyne contradicts Department of Education website on student debt changes

02-06-2014 Estimates: Economics Legislation Committee (Australian Skills Quality Authority)

03-06-2014 Greens will use Senate powers to release government modelling on university cuts

03-06-2014 Tony Abbott’s uni cuts will hurt students

04-06-2014 What will my degree cost? www.whatwillmydegreecost.com.au

05-06-2014 Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency)

05-06-2014 One million hits on Greens new &What will my degree cost?’ website while VCs unite against Coalition’s reforms

05-06-2014 Pyne should release his modelling on University cuts

06-06-2014 Education and Employment Legislation Committee: Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Amendment Bill 2014

06-06-2014 Education and Employment Legislation Committee: Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Amendment Bill 2014

06-06-2014 Education and Employment Legislation Committee: Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Amendment Bill 2014

06-06-2014 Education and Employment Legislation Committee: Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Amendment Bill 2014

06-06-2014 Education and Employment Legislation Committee: Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Amendment Bill 2014

12-06-2014 Student debt in Australia could be worse off than in the United States

16-06-2014 Motion: Higher Education Funding

18-06-2014 Expand public TAFE system — Senate backs Greens motion to mark National TAFE Day

18-06-2014 Expand public TAFE system — Senate backs Greens’ motion to mark National TAFE Day

18-06-2014 Motion: National TAFE Day

18-06-2014 Speech: Budget

24-06-2014 Coalition’s university cuts start biting – La Trobe to sack 15% of its workforce

02-07-2014 Poll: Australians oppose Abbott’s elitist agenda for higher education

07-07-2014 TAFE in education markets no solution

10-07-2014 Speech: Higher Education Funding

14-07-2014 Committee: Trade Support Loans Bill 2014

14-07-2014 Committee: Trade Support Loans Bill 2014

14-07-2014 Regressive higher education plans a vote changer – Pyne, other MPs risk losing seats

14-07-2014 Speech: Higher Education

14-07-2014 Speech: Tools For Your Trade

15-07-2014 Apprentices shafted by Coalition loan scheme backed by Labor

24-07-2014 Greens: End competitive VET model to ensure TAFE survival

30-07-2014 Labor set to let down students by backing Coalition scholarship cut

31-07-2014 Evidence is now overwhelming, time for Pyne to drop changes

19-08-2014 Sydney Uni reputation damaged by coal mine funding

26-08-2014 Speech: Budget changes will decimate public higher education

27-08-2014 Motion: Macquarie University pursues legal action against student union

27-08-2014 Only “constructive” action Pyne could take on higher education bill is to start again

28-08-2014 Debunking some of Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s claims

28-08-2014 Higher Education: Private providers, wealthy unis winners out of Pyne cuts

28-08-2014 Lee challenges the equity of the government’s proposed higher education changes

28-08-2014 Press Conf: Higher Education and Qantas

28-08-2014 Questions Without Notice: Higher education cuts

02-09-2014 Pyne’s business mates insult Senate crossbenchers on higher education cuts

02-09-2014 Speech: Private colleges and political donations

08-09-2014 Liberal/National plan further damage public vocational education

09-09-2014 Universities Australia should get off the Pyne bandwagon

22-09-2014 Labor backs Coalition student payment cuts – after signing pledge to block changes

23-09-2014 Private higher education providers win – student debt skyrockets

01-10-2014 Lee condemns Labor’s betrayal of students

01-10-2014 Motion: Scholarships and Student Support

02-10-2014 Christopher Pyne’s elitist higher education reforms set to hurt Australia’s uni rankings

02-10-2014 Labor-Coalition deal cuts more than $400 million from student support

02-10-2014 Lee speaks about Labor’s betrayal to students

02-10-2014 Lee speaks against cuts to student support

10-10-2014 Student protest at Senate inquiry into Pyne higher education bill

13-10-2014 Group of Eight modelling is case for increasing funding not fees

19-10-2014 Private college rorting set to get worse under Abbott government policy changes

20-10-2014 Win on student debt: time to dump entire higher education bill

24-10-2014 Time to start again on higher education reforms

27-10-2014 Sydney Uni VC deceptive on scholarships – fee deregulation will hurt students

28-10-2014 Pyne higher education bill will not provide free higher education as Minister claims

28-10-2014 Tabled Senate report into higher ed bill: evidence overwhelming – bill must be defeated

29-10-2014 Speech: Tony Abbott’s Higher Education Cuts and Fees

30-10-2014 Lee asks about Higher Education in question time

05-11-2014 Hockey shows up Pyne – admits higher education bill is a $5 billion budget saving

07-11-2014 Public funding for private providers should be redirected to TAFE

13-11-2014 Chronic under funding of unis forces reliance on high fee paying international students

17-11-2014 NSW unis set to lose $1.3 billion – Greens’ plan to vote down higher education cuts

24-11-2014 Greens win Senate inquiry into private vocational education and training providers

24-11-2014 Motion: Private vocational education and training (VET)

24-11-2014 An open letter to Universities Australia

01-12-2014 Deregulation + HecsWatch – Pyne’s Higher Education Bill

02-12-2014 Australian Greens welcome crossbench opposition to Pyne higher education plan

02-12-2014 Greens call for extension of whistle-blower protections to private higher education providers

03-12-2014 Abbott Government refuses to rule out further cuts to higher education

03-12-2014 Big win for students, staff, community – Abbott govt’s elitist higher education plan voted down

04-12-2014 Speech: Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Amendment Bill 2014

05-12-2014 Pyne plan to fund religious colleges no salvation for public universities

05-12-2014 Stop Abbott’s Privatisation

08-12-2014 Pyne’s higher education propaganda campaign boon for Netflix, online streaming services

27-12-2014 New poll shows Australians reject Abbott Governments desperate higher ed ad campaign

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13-01-2015 Campaign launch: Greens gather their allies to defend public higher education

16-01-2015 5000 Australians to Muir and Madigan: Don’t vote for higher university fees

21-01-2015 Greens label Pyne’s latest thought bubble a desperate face-saving measure

23-01-2015 Handout to private sector + increased fees the only parts of Pyne plan left standing

27-01-2015 Greens call for shake-up of private vocational education funding

28-01-2015 Abbott government’s backer of deregulation was Chair of failed for-profit education provider Vocation

28-01-2015 MEDIA ALERT: Senator Rhiannon in Alice Springs to attend higher education forum and meet with local activists

06-02-2015 Tony Abbott’s higher education plan will see profits soar for private education companies

09-02-2015 Thousands of NSW residents tell Abbott and Pyne – ditch higher education cuts

10-02-2015 Greens call on Coalition to withdraw higher education bill

12-02-2015 Motion: Private Education Providers

12-02-2015 Thousands tell Abbott and Pyne — ditch higher education cuts

25-02-2015 Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Australian Skills and Quality Authority)

25-02-2015 Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Department of Education and Training)

25-02-2015 Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Department of Education and Training)

25-02-2015 Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency)

25-02-2015 Government’s $500,000 higher education call centre a flop

04-03-2015 Pyne’s fine plan for universities to hit students

04-03-2015 Speech: Tony Abbott’s Higher Education Changes

05-03-2015 Motion: Employment in Regional NSW

05-03-2015 Science, research and jobs threatened by Pyne’s Parliamentary blackmail

12-03-2015 Abbott government pretends to take on dodgy colleges to help out Baird

16-03-2015 Higher Education Press Conference – Parliament House

16-03-2015 Pyne on the run — to another defeat

16-03-2015 Research and Higher Education Press Conference – Parliament House

16-03-2015 Speech: Higher Education

16-03-2015 Time for Tony Abbott to pull Pyne into line and secure Australian research

17-03-2015 Abbott’s higher education cuts Bill defeated again — big win for the community

17-03-2015 Speech: Higher Education and Research Reform Bill 2014 Second Reading

18-03-2015 Christopher Pyne from desperate to delusional

24-03-2015 Motions: Abbott government

24-03-2015 Senate calls on Pyne to fix public funding fiasco

25-03-2015 Greens call for UoW managers to end all donations to Liberal Party coffers

30-03-2015 Op ed: Out Of The Ashes Of Deregulation, A New Vision For Public Universities Must Rise

01-04-2015 “Reset button” should be pressed on Go8 for failure to back increased uni funding

07-04-2015 Greens call for immediate review of alternate university entry schemes

10-04-2015 Greens call for Vice-Chancellor salaries to be reined in

14-04-2015 OECD anti-bribery report strengthens Greens call for expanded whistleblower protection to private sector

15-04-2015 Greens call on Pyne to reject further unfair HECS changes in federal Budget

23-04-2015 Time for federal government to go back to the drawing board on VET funding

02-05-2015 New Tax Office data shows growing student debt burden in Australia

04-05-2015 Vice Chancellors need to speak out against Pyne’s backdoor uni cuts

07-05-2015 NSW Supreme Court: Senator Rhiannon joins protest against Macquarie Uni attack on student group

11-05-2015 Time for Pyne to breakup with Lomborg

12-05-2015 Senator Rhiannon stands in solidarity with budget eve student, staff protestors

13-05-2015 Pyne’s copy and paste budget fails students, staff and the community

14-05-2015 Speech: free higher education worth the investment

21-05-2015 Greens call on Australian unis to reject Pyne’s “cash for Lomborg” scheme

29-05-2015 Abbott govt in $65million blackmail to South Australia over vocational education

01-06-2015 Greens welcome Universities Australia u-turn on deregulation

03-06-2015 Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Australian Research Council)

03-06-2015 Estimates: Education and Employment Legislation Committee (Australian Skills and Quality Authority)

04-06-2015 Liberal Party willingly take political donations from university that Abbott govt funds

12-06-2015 Greens launch Western Sydney ‘stop TAFE privatisation’ tour

17-06-2015 Christopher Pyne delivers another win for private education sector

24-06-2015 TAFE cuts in NSW budget call for national reform

24-07-2015 Flinders University: say no to the cash for Lomborg scheme

30-07-2015 Free and fair higher education

31-07-2015 Greens launch campaign for Free Higher Education

03-08-2015 Free higher education around the world

13-08-2015 Motion: Education Funding

13-08-2015 Senate demands Abbott government stop wasting public money on higher education consultants

20-08-2015 Abbott government blocks Senate call for release of higher education modelling

20-08-2015 Abbott’s cruel 2015 budget

21-08-2015 Low graduation numbers highlight failure Abbott govt education privatisation plan

28-08-2015 Rewrite of VET funding urgently needed

07-09-2015 Federal government must reject elitist research proposal from Group of Eight universities

07-09-2015 Like The Terminator, Christopher Pyne’s plan for $100 000 degrees is back

10-09-2015 Government should rule out enforcing uni cuts that have failed to pass the Senate

11-09-2015 Abbott govt threatens unis with further research cuts

15-09-2015 Senator Rhiannon media statement on portfolio reshuffle

17-09-2015 Speech: Higher Education Support Amendment (New Zealand Citizens) Bill 2015 second reading

25-09-2015 Sydney Uni VC opens door for new university elite

01-10-2015 Deregulation finally dead — huge win for staff, students, families, unions

15-10-2015 Speech: The Damning Report on Private Vocational Education

28-10-2015 Rip-off of students not “Unique”

29-10-2015 Unique International private college rip off

11-11-2015 Motion: Reopen Crows Nest TAFE and restore funding for NSW TAFEs

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