Lee Rhiannon initiated the annual Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture in 2001. This lecture series was set up to commemorate the life and times of Juanita Nielsen and the Green Bans, and to encourage recognition of women in public life who are working on issues that matter. The lecture is open to the public and the guest speaker addresses the audience on an issue of current concern.

Lee Rhiannon has hosted this event first as Greens NSW Member of the Legislative Council and spokesperson for women from 2001 to 2010, and then as Australian Greens senator. Lee was Greens federal spokesperson for women from 2011 to 2014. In 2019 and 2020 this event was organised in conjunction with the Greens Political Education Trust.

Each year a prominent woman delivers a speech about a significant public issue. A speech is also delivered about the life and times of Juanita Nielsen and the Green Ban movement. All speakers, including the MC, are women.

Year Guest Lecturer Juanita’s Life Chair
2018 Celeste Liddle Denise Abou Hamad Dorothy Symons
2017 Natalie Lang Abigail Boyd Aesha Hussain
2016 Maha Abdo Sylvie Ellsmore Nina Hallas
2015 Kellie Tranter Rita Mallia Linda Eisler
2014 Ruby Hamad Jenny Leong Therese Doyle
2013 Anne Gardiner Fee Mozeley Darelle Duncan
2012 Sarah Maddison Debbie Gibson Irene Doutney
2011 Jane Caro Mehreen Faruqi Bronislava Lee
2010 Sylvia Hale Shirley Fitzgerald Conny Harris
2009 Larissa Behrendt Eleanor Gibbs Christine Donayre
2008 Sue Bradford Cate Faehrmann Mary Hawkins
2007 Kerry Nettle Caroline Graham Jan Davis
2006 Jocelynn Scutt Rebecca Reilley Pippa McInnes
2005 Jo Vallentine Lesa de Leau Kelly Marks
2004 Anne Summers Sally McManus Carol Berry
2003 Maree O’Halloran Rae Francis Soraya Kassim
2002 Christine Milne Sylvia Hale Trish Mullins
2001 Bev Baker Wendy Bacon Kerry Nettle