Lee’s environmental credentials and a selection of papers and articles she has written:

1974 – Author “The Green Revolution – a solution to the food problems of the third world?” Modern Unionist. December 1974. Vol. 3. No. 2. Pp. 37-43. (Under former name Lee Brown)

1974 – Complete double science major in botany and zoology at UNSW.

1975 – Organise successful campaign with support of a union green ban for establishment of a park on St James Rd Bondi Junction.

1975 – Tutor UNSW botany practicals.

1975 – UNSW Honours thesis The Nature of Sclerophylly – a study of water and nutrient stress in Banksia species.

1976-77 – Research assistant at Macquarie University in population ecology; general ecology tutor at Macquarie University

1977 – Co-author paper in Australian Journal of Ecology. 1977. Vol. 2. Pp. 137-159. “Variations in vegetation and soil pattern across the Hawkesbury Sandstone Plateau from Barren Grounds to Fitzroy Falls, NSW.” Burrough, P., Brown, L. and Morris, E.G.

1980 – Co-author paper in Australian Journal of Ecology 1980. Vol. 5. Pp. 407-409. “The effect of clipping on self-thinning in Trifolium pratense.” Westoby, M. and Brown, L.

1989-90 – Public relations officer for the Ideas Centre, a resource centre and library, specialising in third world, environment and development issues.

1990-91 – Initiated and managed the Pactok Program that brought information technology training to Pacific and PNG non-government organisations. (Pactok – pidgeon language for Pacific talk)

1991 – Assist with Sydney section of Australian tour by Penan representatives and Bruno Manser campaigning for Biosphere Reserves for the Tribal People of Sarawak Malaysia.

1990-92 – Lecturer in environment, women and science courses at the WEA Adult Education Centre.

1990 – Coordinator of A.W.A.R.E. (Action for the World and Renewable Environment) a schools and community education program highlighting inequity between the first and third worlds, and the need for change in first world lifestyles.

1990-94 – Tutor UNSW Department of General and Liberal Studies courses on environmental sustainable development.

1991-2 – Sydney representative of Rainforest Information Centre and supporter of Sydney based actions of Rainforest Action Group.

1993 – Establish AID/WATCH with Carol Sherman to campaign on higher environmental standards for Australia’s bilateral and multilateral overseas aid program.

1993-1998 – AID/WATCH Director.

1995 – Author of “Coal industry lobbies for aid money to boost overseas markets”, CREATE – Christians Respecting Earth And The Environment. Issue 1/95. April 1995.

1995 – Author of  “Aiding global warming”, Queensland Humanist. May-June 1995.

1997 – Author of “Feeding the politics of drought”, The Australian Financial Review. 29 December 1997.

1997 – Author of “Ecological Sustainable Development stumble could herald a bigger fall for Australia’s aid program”, Development Bulletin. Vol. 43. October 1997.

1997 – Help organise “Coal equals climate change” protest at Brisbane AusAID conference.

As well as this list of activities Lee has participated in numerous actions in support of a range of local, national and international environmental causes.

Lee’s commitment to environmental protection has been a constant theme of her work as a Greens MP. In 1999 she was arrested at an action to protect urban bushland at Duffys Forest and Manly Dam. The full extent of her current environmental work can be viewed at http://www.leerhiannon.org.au

Lee is a keen bird watcher and keeps a list of birds seen in and from the NSW parliamentary precinct.