Lee’s bio

Lee Rhiannon has worked in the social justice and environment movement for five decades. She is a qualified zoologist and botanist.

Prior to commencing working with the Greens in 1998, Lee was the Director of AID/WATCH, the coordinator of the NSW Coalition for Gun Control and a member of the Women’s Advisory Council to the NSW Government. She has worked for a number of unions.

Lee is particularly committed to sharing the skills she has gathered over five decades of campaigning.

She was elected to the NSW parliament in 1999 and the Senate in 2010. As a Greens NSW MP and as a Senator Lee worked on a range of issues including exposing corporate political donation scandals, supporting climate action and local environmental campaigns, backing public ownership of public assets and services and promoting workers’ rights.

Lee resigned from the Senate in August 2018. She continues to work with a range of communities. Lee’s details can be found under the “Contact” section of this website.

Selection of Lee’s videos

Lee has produced these videos following requests from various community groups.

Statement in support Free Abdullah Ocalan campaign – February 2021

Justice for three Kurdish women activists murdered in Paris in 2013 by agents of the Turkish state – January 2021

Support for global online protests against Duterte’s state terror – September 2020

First anniversary of Indian total takeover – Stand With Kashmir – July 2020

Genocide attack on Tamils – May 2020

“Jai Hind” salute to an India that is fair and just to all in these Covid times – May 2020

Action to end unjust wars – May 2020

Protest at international mining conference – October 2019

Back staff/student opposition to UNSW trimester plan – June 2019

Lee speaks about her mother, Freda Brown – October 2018

Chatloop – support for refugees – October 2018

Greens and meat workers call to end live exports – May 2018

National Day of Action for Higher Education – March 2018

Protect kangaroos – Senate – February 2018

Liberals use loopholes to pocket developer donations – November 2017

Climate action – stop Adani coalmine campaign – November 2017

Support First Nations – time to reassess Australia’s history – September 2017

Greens support right of return for all Palestinians – May 2017

Release all Palestinian political prisoners – May 2017