Morrison’s talk of recognising Jerusalem as the Israeli capital is much more than a pitch for Liberal votes in the Wentworth by-election. It is a further attack on the rights of Palestinians to live in their own country.

This is a shocking development that now aligns Australia even more closely with the Israeli government. This is what Israel stands for:
* House demolitions. Thousand of Palestinians have had their homes demolished.
* Gaza blockade. This year the Israel Defense Forces has killed at least 166 Palestinians and injured more than 5,300 in Gaza.
* Apartheid laws. The Nation-State law that sets up inferior citizenship status for Palestinian citizens plus the marriage law, the ID system, and separate roads for Israeli and Palestinian citizens are all forms of apartheid.
* Occupation. From 1967 to 2016 about 600,000 settlers have illegally built their homes in the West Bank.

Palestine has filed a lawsuit at the International Court of Justice over the US decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the US Embassy there.

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