On 2 August 2018 ABC’s 730 a length report on indecent and sexual assault and harassment complaints within the Greens NSW was broadcast. Below is the public statement I made on 2 August about this program.


This evening’s 7.30 report investigation into indecent and sexual assault and harassment complaints within the Greens NSW is deeply troubling and devastating.

To the brave women who came forward, I offer my sincere support, please know that my door is always open to you.

It is clear from tonight’s program that our processes have failed these women. This should be a moment of deep reflection and unwavering commitment to do better.

We in the Greens claim that we do things differently, at this time we must prove that.

We must never put personal or political ambition ahead of the welfare of our members and staff.

Given the incredibly serious nature of these allegations, while holding a position of great privilege, Jeremy Buckingham must immediately at least stand aside while the investigation is completed.

The Greens must deeply reflect on this situation and rectify our processes so that we can begin to heal the hurt that has been caused and ensure this never happens again.

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