Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair is incorrect in his claims that kangaroos are in “plague proportions” across the NSW western landscapes – and he knows it. His own Government’s 2018 Quota Report records serious declines across NSW Western Plains shooting zones which cover two-thirds of the NSW.

From 2016 to 2017 the Report shows that there had already been an average 50% decline in Grey Kangaroos across 7 of the 8 Western Plains commercial shooting zones, with the Narrabri Zone suffering a 69% decline.

There has been a 19% decline in Red Kangaroos across all 8 western zones increasing to 45% average decline in the five zones recording population crashes.

The Lower Darling zone suffered the highest loss of Reds at 53%.

That survey was done in September 2016. There has been nearly 2 years of worsening drought since then.

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