Juanita Nielsen Memorial Lecture
7:00 pm Thursday 15 March 2001
Guest Speaker: Bev Baker
Introduction: Wendy Bacon, academic and journalist
Chair: Kerry Nettle, Greens NSW senate candidate

The inaugural guest speaker was Bev Baker, President of the NSW Federation of Parents and Citizens Association.

Bev spoke about public education, women and life in the public eye.  Bev has been a strong campaigner for social justice in education and for the rights of children.  She led a discussion of the tactics of radical activist women in politics, and spoke on the hot public issue of the need to redirect funding from the elite private schools back into the public education system.

Wendy Bacon, journalist & academic, spoke on the life and times of Juanita Nielsen.

Greens Senate Candidate Kerry Nettle chaired the 2001 lecture.

No speech transcript is available.


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